Saturday, June 20, 2009

Services Sheet (Rev. June 20, 2009)

Please print this list. Then, on the paper copy, check in the circle all of the following that apply, date, and sign it at the bottom. Include it with your submission. Please keep a copy for your files.

o I wish to have my work critiqued.

o I wish to post my work on By and for Writers' blog as a way to get feedback from coaches and other readers.

o I wish to have my work published in an issue of By and For Writers.

o I certify that the work is entirely original to me, if I am the single author, and to the writers listed on the work, if it is a multi-author work. If either of these statements turns out to be inaccurate I may forfeit my fee along with my right to be published with By and For Writers

o I certify that the work has not been published in any other journal or publication

o I understand that I retain all rights to my work.

o I understand that all correspondence and other communications between By and For Writers and myself will be held strictly confidential.

Name: _________________________ Date: _______________

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