Saturday, June 20, 2009

Submission Guidelines (Rev. 25 November 2009


1. Must be on hard copy delivered by mail to By and For Writers c/o Tim Bosworth, 1110 Lombard St. #3, Philadelphia, PA, 19147.

2. May not be longer than 10 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins all around, no smaller than 11-point type, in Arial font.

3. Submissions must not be excessively italicized or bold faced. Italics or boldface type may be used for individual words and phrases only. Fonts must be consistent throughout.

4. May not utilize cartoons or photographs.

5. Must include a stamped self-addressed envelope (S.A.S.E) and a bank or cashier’s check for $45.00. Payment by cashier’s check or money order is preferred. $15.00 will be charged for bounced checks

6. Have each page numbered and each page must clearly display the correct and current contact information (correct name, current address, working telephone number, and valid email address) of each writer on each page of the work.

7. May be multi-author works as long as the correct and current contact information is provided in writing on each author. Pen names are acceptable as long as the author’s real name and contact information is made known.

8. Must be original and must not have been submitted elsewhere. Writers must certify this in writing. Violation of this guideline may be removed from the publication queue disqualified.

9. May be of any genre, but must not be pornographic, excessively erotic, obscene or abusive as determined by By and For Writers alone.

10. May only be short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, plays, poetry, or novel excerpts.

11. May be rejected by By and For Writers for any reason. If rejected, the writer’s material will be returned in the S.A.S.E. provided. If no S.A.S. E. has been provided and check will be returned if there is an S.A.S.E. included, otherwise handled as in step #1.

12. Must be hard copy, no longer than 10 pages, double-spaced, in Arial font no smaller than 11, with 1” margins all around. Only Individual words and phrases may be italicized or in bold face.

13. Will be held strictly confidential, as are all communications with writers.

14. Will remain the property of writers who retain all rights to their work.

15. Will only be posted on our blog or published upon expressed written consent of the writer, if a single-author work, or all writers if a multi-author work.

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